Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Steinberg Gem

A couple of great lines from Neil Steinberg’s column today. The subject was the placement of a referendum on the November ballot regarding gay marriage.

Unfortunately, parties are using this type of referendum to get out the vote, knowing that their loyalists will come out for the red-meat issues, when their party’s actual candidates stink.

Steinberg says:
Can't these religious types fixate on something else? Doesn't their faith have rituals beyond loathing and fearing gays that they could occupy themselves with? Or is mesmerized fixation with man-on-man sex their entire liturgy and holy writ? Because it sure seems that way. No Halsted Street twink, tumbling to the bars with his pals on a Friday night, is obsessed with gay sex to the degree that these bowl haircut fundamentalists pushing their protect marriage act seem to be.

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