Wednesday, January 18, 2006

11-3 (3-1)

Holding Serve…

Marco Killingsworth decided to play defense, and do some rebounding, though he apparently had to use goonish tactics to do so. Now, I understand that the Big Ten is a tough conference, but to be called for an intentional foul indicates that he either is a complete goon, or he is sloppy. Either way, he needs to play hard and smart.

Robert Vaden seemed to force the issue way too much, and I appreciate that more than lack of hustle. For the fans to storm the court seemed weak, but beating the Illini is never something to take lightly.

So, after a real tough portion of the schedule, IU is a half game behind Wisconsin, and tied in the loss column.

Purdue, at Iowa, at Minnesota, and Northwestern. 4-0, or certainly 3-1 is what is required.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Why I Don't Attend the Cubs' Convention

Paul Sullivan
Tribune staff reporterJanuary 14, 2006

With a few notable exceptions, Cubs fans were all bark and little bite at their annual summit meeting with general manager Jim Hendry and manager Dusty Baker.The criticism was rather muted when Hendry and Baker faced the music Saturday at the Cubs Convention, although the fans who did have a major beef with Cubs brass were usually backed up with a round of applause from the otherwise silent majority.

The majority of questioners rambled on and on about their Cubs-related heartbreak before offering an actual question, many plugging their Cubs-related blog.The first awkward occasion occurred when one particularly long-winded blogger groused that White Sox GM Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen were "smoking cigars with their feet up and laughing at us, laughing at you guys, laughing at the North Side."

* * *

Baker's awkward moment came minutes later, when a perturbed fan drew applause for criticizing the manager's game strategy."I swear to God, I don't understand why you've never heard of a squeeze bunt in your life," the fan said. "A manager has a chance to have a direct impact on 10-15 games a season, and I don't think we won one of them last year."Cubs fans make a commitment to you guys every year. It's time you guys make a commitment to us." "Thank you," Baker replied.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

10-3 (2-1)

Yes, they played horrible defense, and I have come to think that Marco is one dimensional, and it certainly ain't defense or free throw shooting.

I have yet to see Ben Allen play with his back to the basket on either end of the Court and yet to see Cem "the Project" Dinc play, period, so I am dubious as to what effect they would have on defense.

Let's not forget how hard it is to win (1) on the road in the Big 10; (2) against MSU, especially at their place, (3) against a 0-2 MSU team.

They will beat MSU at home, I have no doubt. They will also beat Illinois next week.
After all that typing, I need a blow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


As a young Cub fan growing up, Bruce Sutter was the star of a bad team. Jack Brickhouse would say at the end of games, "You Know Who is warming up for the Cubs," and you would know the game was over.

For a kid who always loved the All Star Game, I was extremely proud that he won the 1978 and 1979 All Star Games, and saved the the 1980 game for the NL.

I was disappointed by the Tye Wallers, Ken Reitzes, and Leon Durhams (to a lesser extent) we got for him, but was never mad he left because he wanted more money (I think he wanted $400,00 over four years or something).

He was the foil in the Sandberg Game, but I hope ESPN can find some classic Sutter for us to see next HOF weekend.

Monday, January 09, 2006


We leap to #8 in the country, and now this. Hopefully, this is a deep enough team to win without him for an extended period, but agaisnt the bigs of Miichigan State, it looks bad.

If this allows Illinois to come in and beat us, I will be beside myself.


C-Pat Traded

I, for one, am sorry to see him go. I am not sure he was ever going to tear up the league with the Cubs, but I do think he will have a good to very good career. Yes, he struck out too much, and never did the things to make the Wrigley fans happy, but I think there was a lot of untapped (dare I say it?) potential in him. Maybe he and I are alike, and that’s the attraction.

Nate Spears and Carlos Perez? Never heard of them, and never will.

Addition by subtraction? Doubtful.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

10-2 (2-0)

Down 7-0 to start, then quickly down 17, this seemed like a game where they would scrap all game just to get close or tie, but having shot their load, they cannot muster enough to take the lead or hold it.


This is a deep team, and full of men who know why they are out there. To win. Regardless of how they start, how they shoot from long range early, or how soundly they are getting out rebounded.

Things to worry about: bad free throw shooting, Marco disappearing on defense and talking too much.

Thing to bitch about: missing the first ten minutes of the game because the Connecticut women are playing the Tennessee women on CBS. Title IX is a fine thing at the high school and maybe even college level, but that does not mean that anyone wants to watch it on TV. Sorry. DirecTV had the split CBS feed for the regional coverage, but kept the IU game blacked out here even when the games was not yet being shown here. I did get to watch the LSU-UCONN feed, but that was no consolation.

Oh, and did I mention that Illinois lost at Iowa? Too bad.

Indiana 2-0
Illinois 1-1

Friday, January 06, 2006

Jody, Jody Davis, Catcher without a Peer

Saw in the transaction section that good ol #7 will be the manager of Peoria of the Midwest League this year, with 1984 Tiger reserve Barbaro Garbey getting the hitting coach gig.

They say catchers make the best managers. Good for him.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

9-2 (1-0)

They won. At home. In a conference game.

Marco was soft, continued to talk way too much, and his free throw shooting is horrible. Luckily, Vaden is becoming a prolific scorer, with flashes of Calbert Chaney.

Michigan is good. They have a bunch of seniors who know the system, refuse to be intimidated (not that Assembly Hall was noisy), and hustle. They will beat some good teams this year.

Next is Ohio State. Another tough game.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That's a Man, baby!

How often does this thing wear makeup?

She is gross, and the ABC coverage was more absurd. She will dump AJ and be fucking one of Brady's NFL teammates and getting cheated on all along the way.


I didn't get a real sense that she cared about Ohio State at all.

I think AJ likes that she has a wide mouth, like a Mickey's bottle.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Give Ball State Credit. They thought they were in the game there for a while...

Then it started to rain 3s on them. Too much attitude and sloppy defense from Marco, though.

ON TO THE BIG TEN! Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Illinois...tough stretch.