Friday, April 28, 2006

July 2 DMB Available

I paid $131.50 through the Warehouse for a pair of July 2 reserved seats. I will also be able to hand delivery these (I live and work in Chicago) or you can pay to have them Fed Ex'd, etc.

And, please, spare me the hate regarding ticket scalping, I don't do it.

Email me at

IU Player gives Jerk a Beat Down

The Indiana Daily Student has a story about Lewis Monroe beating on some knucklehead at Kilroy's Sports bar who was apparently giving him grief about the team.

Kudos to him for putting the clown in his place!

Sophia Bush in Lingerie on TV?

This was the highlight of this week's One Tree Hill. Again, I find myself fast-forwarding through 90% of the episode, but found a couple of noteworthy things, but first the Danneel Harris (again, is it Daneel Harris?) update: She did very little, except punch (or forearm) a mirror, breaking, but not shattering it. She was upset over Race Car Driver. Luckily, a call (on her product-placed cell phone) from Malph made her more upset. This means we won't have to see her bang that twerp.

The plot was as contrived as always, which is fine. There is some plot involving the blonde and whether she is going to marry the dude from the HBO acting show that had Krista Allen. I don't follow it...

The hardass brother is going to re-marry the singer, and Sophia Bush decides to create a play with various other characters playing the two lovers at different parts of their courtship. Why? Because it is a wonderful, but highly contrived pot device. So, for whatver reason, Sophia plays the singer girl in the scene where they hook up, and that means a nice set of lingerie.

What I really noticed is that there are very few scenes with Sophia Bush and her ex-husband, but a lot of scenes with standins. He seems like a total idiot, and I would think it would be awkward to have to act with each other. Just as well, I guess.

I think this show is running its course, a la 90210, but I dont see The College Years in their future.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dingo Williams Recruiting Update

Nothing to report.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And Sean Marshall Pitched Well

So, the LHFDW (Long Haired Filipino Dog Walker) and I sat in the bleachers last night. We were at Bernie’s for a pre-game beer, and I think I accidentally gave the impression to the girl I sold some Saturday tickets to that I was single and ready to mingle. Maybe I just flatter myself.

We sat in the section that was previously the family section far down the left field line, and I think the closest bathroom to us was the john by my box seats, and I think the bleacher ticket holders can go into the grandstand, but not vice versa. We didn’t try it.

The metal bleachers are going to be hot in the heat, and they certainly were cold in the 39 degree weather last night.

The reason that the bleachers don’t seem as full, I think, is the very large congregation space. They allow a huge area for smokers, and other areas include counters, so you can eat and drink without the game disturbing you.

They do have more womens’ bathrooms, but the same men’s bathroom as previous. Maybe there is another men’s room down the right field side, as the new women’s bathroom is in on the left field side.

The Old Style beer shack at the top of the ramp is gone, and the two women that manned it those many years were nowhere to be found. You can still find Old Style at other concession stands, and there seem to be a bunch more of those stands.

So, anyway, we were drinking our beer and freezing our balls off, and three girls sat down in front of us. They appeared to be in their early 20s. At some point, the least attractive girl started repeating the things I said, to some comic effect. She later confirmed this to me, so I whispered, “who wants a blow job?” Of course, she said it, not screaming, but louder than my whisper.

We started conversing back and forth, and she told us she was sassy. I told her people can’t describe themselves as sassy, so her friend confirmed that she was sassy.

We eventually found out that she (and her pals) went to the University of Dayton. We discussed the Ghetto, burning of couches, and the bar that opens real early on Saint Patrick’s Day.

I asked them what northern suburb they were from (an educated guess), and the sassy one told me, "I am from the City"…meaning Sauganash. Turns out she went to Regina, and the other two were from Loyola. Class of 2001. Yikes.

It was then that we discovered this was the first time we had seen Loyola girls drinking beer at Wrigley. They asked what year we were and then started mentioning Irish sounding names of guys who I didn’t know, but said I did. Jim Dooley? Brian McCarthy? Sure, I know them. They asked what year we graduated, and we told him 1988. They asked my name, and I told them...Chris O'Donnell. They didnt buy it.

And, the Cubs won.

Cold, but a fun night at the ballpark, and a welcome distraction.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Get Some Earplugs, Pal

So, Jacque Jones signs a big contract, meaning that he chose to go to the team that he signed with, and now, only after hitting a big home run, he rips the fans. Paul Sullivan's article today

You better be really good if you are going to make enemies of the fans so quickly.

I was at the game, and I didn’t hear a lot of booing, though he did receive some grumbles in the bathroom after swinging at the first pitch when Marlins pitcher Jason Vargas was wild.

A shame to mar such a stirring comeback with whiny stuff like that.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Academy to be on ESPN in February

Seems a bit much, for a team in Illinois who happens to have Michael Jordan's son on the roster, to go down to Indianoplace to play a basketball game, regardless of the money involved. I guess if I were one of the players, I would jump at the chance. Will I watch. Maybe, but I would be much more likely to watch if it were at Ol' Fort Laramie.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Them's the Breaks

Our options:

  1. Walker at first.
  2. Mabry at first.
  3. Trade for Doug Mientkiewicz from KC, or equally low cost first baseman.
  4. Panic.

    The problem is that you will never get the production out of whoever replaces D-Lee that you would with him. So, panic may be the way to go.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Cub Coach's Jersey You Bought is Worth More

...if it is the right jersey you bought...

Oscar Acosta, who PriorWood (or at least Wood) swore by when he served as the Cubs' pitching coach from 2000-2001, even though he did not help them win many games, is dead.

Stay off those Dominican roads. I could have told him that.

Too bad he is dead...

Normally, I would not mention this, but thus is the nature of a blog, and was only noticed when I was looking for the latest on Derrek Lee. He apparently wasn't very photogenic, as I could only find a picture of three of his pitchers on the 2001 team, during happier days.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Because You, Dear Readers, Demand It

So, the beauty of One Tree Hill (actually TiVo) is that you can fast-forward right through the crappy storylines (i.e those involving non-fabulous babes).

The show continues to make Daneel Harris (or Danneel Harris, I can never remember) simply a piece of cheesecake, making her wash the car in a bikini. Not that I mind, of course, but it seemed exploitive, even for that show. Would they make Sophia Bush do it? I hardly think so.

So, again pussy Malph gets his poor feelings hurt by the fabulous babe that is way out of his league. He tells her off, and then hopes she is happy. Enough! It won’t work, pal, she will never fuck you. Believe me.

Of course, race car guy discovers that Rachel is 17, and immediately has a conscience, having thrown back Sophia earlier (right?). So, there she is, in her frilly underpants waiting for Race Car Driver to t’row one into her. He won't do it...poor girl.

Anyway, you are here to see a picture of her…I read how you get here…Thing is, there are very few available…so, we repeat…

Friday, April 14, 2006

DMB at Alpine Valley Available

Two lawn seats for July 1

Two Pavilion seats for July 2

With a pregnant wife, and Cubs-Sox tickets that weekend at Wrigley, I am staying in Chicago.

All 4 for $224 + whatever postage, but I prefer to meet (I live in Chicago) to save the PayPal and postage charges. I prefer not to break them up...

email me at

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sorry, Still No Nude Shots

So, yesterday’s One Tree Hill continues the preposterous plot twists. To do that to Rachel (Daneel Harris or Danneel Harris, depending on how you google’d it) was terribly unfair.

The plot involved the fabulous Rachel apparently being the subject of radical and numerous plastic surgeries, as she was a plump little 14 year old. Geeky Mouth thought he was going to cash in, telling her he would have fallen in love with the plain girl. Tough break, she tells him before giving him a kiss, which appeared very platonic to me.

Now, the uncle of whatshisname is in town and banging the fabulous Rachel, which Mouth found about when he did the old school, coat-and-tie and flowers bit.

I find it hard to believe that Danneel Harris or Daneel Harris had plastic surgery, not that it matters, but I do know that lots of people are looking to see this fabulous babe, and making that a plot twist that she was some fake bodied girl is fairly unbelievable.

And another thing, am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the big sponsors for this show (at least I noticed a few ads for each) are home pregnancy tests and beer, not to mention the frequent cell phone product placements.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rozner's Column Right On

The discussions about Dusty Baker’s future nearly always start the same, with references to higher expectations and stakes that have risen.

Most urban myths are stupid by definition, but this one seems among the dumbest. It suggests that since 2003, since the Cubs came within five outs of a trip to the Fall Classic, Cubs fans expect more, and that because of it, jobs are on the line more than ever before. So who are these Cubs fans who suddenly expect more?

I don’t know them.

Having grown up a Cubs fan in the late 1960s and early ’70s, I can tell you that every year we expected them to win, and every year we wanted someone’s hide when they didn’t.

Fans cared then, just as they do now, currently finding the enemy in St. Louis. In ’77, we hated the Phillies, and in ’79 it was the Pirates, and in 1984 we despised the Mets. That was an outright war, and if you’re too young to remember, or if you’re new to the city or new to being a Cubs fan, believe me when I tell you it was ugly.

Expectations were high, the stakes charbroiled.

No, sorry, but expectations have not changed for Cubs fans. Maybe the number of fans has increased and perhaps therein rests the confusion.

Yet, I do not know a single Cubs fan who goes to a game to get a glimpse of the green grass and brilliant ivy, or used to, but now wants a victory instead.

Similarly, I do not know a single Cubs fan who goes to a game so he or she can find a restaurant or bar afterward. The scoreboard and taverns are a nice bonus, but that’s not the main reason for the trip.

I’ve also never known a Cubs executive, manager, player or coach who believed in anything less than trying to win it all.

Consider that from May 1991 to November 1994:
•Manager Don Zimmer was fired and replaced by Jim Essian, who was then fired a few months later along with team president Don Grenesko and general manager Jim Frey.

•Big boss Stan Cook replaced Grenesko and hired GM Larry Himes, who hired and — two years later — fired manager Jim Lefebvre, who was replaced by Tom Trebelhorn.

•That went so well that Cook was replaced by big boss Jim Dowdle, who hired another team president in Andy MacPhail, who fired Himes and hired Ed Lynch, who fired Trebelhorn and hired Jim Riggleman.

This list doesn’t include the dozens of coaches who were hired and fired in that one three-plus-year period.

What do you suppose the stakes were for all of them, and how have their careers gone since?

Think they believed they were safe, that the stakes were low, that the only expectations were to keep the outfield grass thick and green?

Except for Dowdle, who retired, and MacPhail, who remains in the same job, the rest have all gone on to absolutely nothing resembling their best position with the Cubs.

Expectations always have been high and the bar has always been set at the World Series level.
If the stakes are higher, it’s among the media, not among ownership or the fans, who also are not the ones who dubbed the Cubs lovable losers.

To the fans, the Cubs were merely losers.

So Dusty Baker’s survival will be based on whether the Cubs believe he can win, not some imaginary Rubicon that was crossed in 2003.

The truth is the Cubs crossed that river in 1969.


4 Years after 2006, locked up with a no-trade clause.

The guy is a five tool player, unusual for a first baseman, is a good guy and, if anyone has, earned the big deal he got. Let the gloomsayers find something to pick on him for.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wins Count as Much in April as September


Huge Sweep.

What is great is that the Cardinals don't have any bullpen, so much so that The Great Tony LaRussa had to bring his closer in with one on and none out in the eighth, then he walked the ballpark before serving one up to Michael "Who Cares About My Defense" Barrett.

The Cubs can put these wins in their pocket, and move on to beating the Reds. I do like Dusty's emphasis on winning the first game of the series. When the starting pitching is good enough, and the bullpen keeps it up, as well as the bench, it is hard to complain.

As for beating the Cardinals, it is never a cause for complaint.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Great game, they win, Maddux pitches well, the defense plays well, and they score enough. I listened to the game on the radio, and was glad I did.

Randy Hundley was in the booth for the last couple of innings, and made some priceless comments:

Ron had gone golfing in Arizona with Reb:

“He’s got stumps for legs.”

Ron was given a picture of a dog with a Cubs emblem on it:

“Does that dog look gay to you?”

Opening Day

I don’t go to Opening Day. My season ticket partner made it part of his agreement to split the tickets with me, and since then, I did pay through the nose for those bogus Roger Maris Family seats. LaTroy Hawkins blew the save, and I left with sunburn on one side of my face on a 55 degree day.

Today, Opening Day will be crowded for the first couple of innings, and then when the weather really seeps in, everyone will retire to the nearest bar. Like New Year’s Eve, and St. Patrick’s Day, the Home Opener is Amateur Night. Besides, I would rather take the day off for a Friday game in July or August.

I am going tomorrow, and I will be at Bernie’s before the game. Outside, by the ATM. Asking Cardinal fans if Darryl Kile is pitching this weekend. That really pisses them off.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Night and Good Luck

Apparently UAB is going to hire Mike Davis as their new coach. He is a great choice. UAB plays in the CONFUSA against the likes of Marshall and other light touches, and he can recruit in the South and his own particular brand of sensitivity will not be tested by high intensity fans. I think. I mean, UAB has only had like 3 coaches, and have been in the Tournament the last 3-4 years. Maybe there will be pressure. Not my problem anymore, except,

Will Robert Vaden and D.J. White sit out a year to play at UAB?

I only add the cheerleader (I hope that is a cheerleader) because it came up when I search "UAB" on the Google Image search.

Why You are Probably at this Site

There can be no argument that Danneel Harris (or Daneel Harris) is gorgeous, and lots of people happen upon this site in search of pictures of the beautiful Rachel for One Tree Hill in the altogether. No, sorry, I do not have any nude pictures of her.

Most preposterous was yesterday's episode, which continues the storyline that Rachel is falling for the A/V guy, Mouth (I always think it is Malph, as in Ralph Malph from Happy Days).

Utterly preposterous. I assume this is just a way for the creators/writers, including Crazy Joe Davola, to live vicariously through ol' Whatshisname.

So, to anyone here because they are looking for nakidity, sorry.

A.J. Clay is Obsessed with Thee

He cannot handle little ol' me being anywhere near his discussion board. He even runs a "Picture that Cub" game that I guessed on, and when I did, I was banned forever, for no reason given.

As I know someone in "Chucktown" checks this space constantly, I wish he would just talk to me instead of worshiping me from afar...

I know he once called me a miserable human being, but I bet that was just him playing hard to get.

Maybe someday!

Monday, April 03, 2006


I don't do impressions, but this is what I came up with after watching and listening today:

Matt Murton.

Neifi Perez looks just like Lenny Harris. I believe that is a bad comparison. Lenny Harris was really bad for the Cubs. The stats may not say it, but he was bad with the Cubs.

Zambrano got cold waiting out the Cubs’ first. He never recovered. I am not sweating it.

Adam Dunn is brutal in left field. Good Stuff.

The reason Todd Walker is starting at second is that he is not as interchangeable as the other bench guys. Dusty has already shown he will double-switch at every opportunity, and it looks genius when they all hit, but I can already envision him double switching a cold Neifi for a hot Cedeno and Murton out for .220 John Mabry.

Love that Mabry is wearing #17. I guess Gracey hasn’t made amends with the clubhouse guys. Not that they would ever retire his number. Put me down for a Mabry #17 jersey.

Those Reds’ fans that sat through the cold to see them stink it up are never coming back.

Brewers won today. Derrick Turnbow is an Adam Morrison wannabe. He will Danny Kolb soon enough.