Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh My God! They Killed Danneel! You Bastards!

So, the season finale of One Tree Hill came and went quickly, as it allowed a lot of fast-forwarding. It also provided the reason why Danneel Harris (again, or is it Daneel Harris?) wasn’t in the opening credits. Why? Because they are killing her off, as they put her into a limo with Race Car Driver that flipped into a river. They both get trapped underneath, and then the dark-haired guy jumped into the river, and somehow got himself trapped underneath. I figure that they will put the lovely Danneel in a new WB series next season.

Anyway, there was some good parts, as the lovely Sophia Bush and the Blonde both looked great in bridesmaids' dresses, and maybe it was the drugs, but I thought Sophia Bush did some great acting last night, as she was talking to her ex-husband. Maybe it was all the bad acting surrounding her. Anyhoo, I like her, but I won’t mind if they cancel the show.

I also liked the Six Feet Under touch of having characters see dead people. Maybe that was the drugs too.

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