Thursday, August 23, 2007

Before we sweep the Giants...

I am referring to Paul Sullivan's entry here.

More interesting Barrett stats:

Cubs with Barrett: 32-37 (.464). Cubs after Barrett: 32-24 (.571).
The Padres before Barrett: 41-28 (.594). The Padres with Barrett: 25-30 (.455).
The Padres with Barrett starting: 8-17 (.320). Padres all season with anyone else starting: 58-40 (.592).

Hopefully meaningless Koyie Hill stats:

From June 3-July 16, when the Cubs were 26-12 and the best team in baseball: With Hill catching 13-4, Barrett 5-5, Geovany Soto 2-0 and Rob Bowen 6-3.
Since Jason Kendall arrived: 4-3 with Hill, 12-14 with Kendall.
Going into the week, Kendall's catcher's ERA was near 5.00, while Hill's was 3.02, though Kendall's was a terrific 3.38 with Oakland this season.
Just one more: Carlos Zambrano's OPS against was .523 with Hill, .801 with Kendall and .965 with Barrett.
(from Rozner today)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Belly of the Beast

This is what happens when Barry Bonds' 756th home run lands a few rows in front of you.

From Deadspin.