Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby Steps

The Cubs shut out the Nationals again, this time with Sean Marshall pitching six innings of one-hit ball.

The game started fifty minutes late due to rain, but it allowed for a really cool rainbow over the scoreboard. On the heels of the drunk girl throwing a ball at Jacque Jones, we noticed that the Cubs were not throwing any balls in to the crowd. The normal routine is for the outfielders to throw the ball into the crowd after their warmups between innings. How long will this punishment last?

Speaking of the Jones thing, Chicken Little has a typical (for him) column today which seems to exaggerate the entire incident, even “reporting” that Jones was the subject of racial epithets. Drunk? Yes, but the fans aren’t bigots. The highlight of the column is an insinuation that this type of behavior may cost us the 2016 Olympics. Promise?

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