Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hot Neifi Action

Two outs, bottom of the Ninth, runners on first and third, down two, Neifi Perez comes to the plate...

...and he bunts!


It was great what he did in 1998, but the statue has run. YOU SUCK!


Frank the Tank said...

Like pretty much everything pertaining to the fundamentals of baseball, this worked for the Sox.,1,1642163.story?coll=cs-home-headlines

Your Humble Correspondent said...

That was a two out bunt with the winning run on third. Neifi did it with the tying run on first.

Learn the "fundamental" difference.

Frank the Tank said...

The problem is that the Cubs are failing to do things such as laying down a proper bunt in any type of situation. It's not as if Neifi has a penchant for hitting extra-base hits often in clutch situations with the exception of your 1998 example. He's there for defense (supposedly), so I don't think it was that terrible of an idea to try laying down a bunt with the infielders moved back - I would put more money on Neifi beating out a proper bunt in that scenario than him delivering a base hit in the clutch. Once again, though, it's the execution that failed, which has been the story of the Cubs this season.

I think Jim Hendry is much more to blame for the Cubs' woes than Dusty Baker. However, when you're losing, the little things on the field that are under the purview of the manager such as failing to lay down bunts or running hard on the basepaths are magnified. They just have the look of a beaten down team right now.

Your Humble Correspondent said...

I am guessing you watch more of the Sox than Cubs, (I only watch them when they play the Cubs) but the Cubs have been dropping bunts when asked, especially during the couple of wins last week against Washington.

The problem is getting guys on to get them over, and then driving them in once they are bunted over.

Blaming Hendry is fine, but that is like blaming W. He is here and will be here for a few more years. Dusty is not guaranteed anything, and must invest himself more before I want him to stay.

Neifi is a Baker guy, and it is Hendry's fault for enabling him, and Baker's fault for insisting on veterans who are DONE.

Please, dont make me defend Neifi.

Frank the Tank said...

I'm a diehard Sox fan, but I do watch most Cubs games as well. I'd agree that the Cubs are leaving tons of runners in scoring position on base. Aramis might be finally waking up, though, which is essential if they want to ignite anything in that offense.

Your comment on Dusty's insistence on employing certain washed-up veterans does have some credence. Ozzie Guillen, even when he was a rookie manager, was clear with Kenny Williams as to the type of lineup and rotation that he wanted. I would think that Dusty demanded at least as much input with the Cubs front office considering he was a highly-sought-after veteran manager when he was hired. On that front, I can definitely see how Dusty ought to bear some responsibility.

Even as a Sox fan, putting you in the position of defending Neifi would be just wrong.