Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Softcore star on "Today" Show

So, I am in my hotel room, flipping around on the tv (pretty good selection at the new Fairfield Inn, right next to the ballpark they are building without a team) watching the end of the Today show, and there is some 40ish woman talking about a charity online auction to help some unnamed charity (I came in late) featuring dresses from fashion magazine editors.

Now, this woman is kinda sleezy-sexy, but looks damn familiar. Now, I didn't know her name, but I know she is a featured actress in Cinemax adult stuff. Didn't take long to find out, thanks to the internet.

Her name?

Regina Russell.

Of course, now she is trying to go legit...here's the pic from her website www.workingactress.com

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas


It truly is the most wonderful time of year!

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Another strong performance, in fornt of a mostly friendly crowd, and while they let up at times, they were always in control and played very well.

What must be said is that Mike Adamle SUCKS as a play by play announcer. When he isn't tripping over sentences, he is ten seconds behind the play in progress. This isn't radio, Mike, we saw what just happened.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Beware the In State Rival II

Once again, IU takes on an in-state rival after its own impressive performance against a higher ranked opponent.

This would seem again ripe for a disaster. Coach Davis likely to show the boys a tape of the Indiana State debacle, and impress upon hte gang how important it is to be as intense against Butler as it was aginst Charlotte.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

All French Outfield?

Fox Sports say the Cubs are dangling Prior as part of a Tejada trade, but I don't like it.

I don’t want to trade Prior or Zambrano, but the “conventional wisdom” is that they wont keep both after they can make big $$$. It just makes the Wood contract look bad (Big $$ and a no-trade), and the Cubs looking to make a splash for the fans (getting offensive player, albeit apparently a top 5 player) rather than getting the team best positioned to win the World Series (pitching pitching pitching).

Jacque Jones is a shorter, slightly faster Jeromy Burnitz, but there was little else available free agent-wise.

Hendry was on WGN Monday night intimating that another deal would be made, so who knows.

As a buddy of mine said, the Cubs do better when we have no expectations, or expect them to be bad.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Ready to play.

They shot lights out, which is great, but makes you wonder what happens once they have a bad shooting night.

Watching Marco play with D.J. was a great preview, but they need to make their layups, and especially their FREE THROWS.

On to Butler on Friday, and another potential sucker game.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Thank You, Danni

She deserved to win, and although she wore too much makeup at the "reunion," as did all the women, she looked great.

Apparently she was a beauty pageant contestant, and quite good at it.

Can Playboy be far behind?

Sunday, December 11, 2005



Just as Coach Davis and his team was bad against Indiana State, they were great against Kentucky. Everything is back to normal. We can now argue that we will win the Big 10, and go far in March.

And D.J. White should be back.

The 26 point margin looks strange for anyone who watched the game. IU saved its biggest run for the final two minutes. Kentucky had created a few turnovers in a full-court press and had gotten to within 65-52 on a 3-pointer by Joe Crawford with 1:57 to play.

But IU closed the game on a 14-1 run, making all eight of its foul shots in that stretch.

Boys, take the week off. Study Hard!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

In Memoriam

Stir Crazy is great, and Silver Streak is one of the first movies I ever saw at the theatre.

He was also hilarious hosting Saturday Night Live, as the priest in Exorcist II and the job interviewee.

White? Black.
Negro? Whitey.
Colored? Redneck.
Tarbaby? Peckerwood.
Spearchucker? White trash.
Junglebunny? Honkey.
Nigger? Dead honkey.

So Far So Good

It's halftime...35-19

They are playing very well. Huge intensity, and it appears that Kentucky is not its usual self this year. Glad I picked them in the College Basketball Pool.

The intensity is really being seen in Davis. This is the game he cares about the most. Certainly the team is reacting to being aired out by him. Good to see.

Marco is a force today, though the announcers were making comments concerning his conditioning, and marvelling over his newly found maturity. This has not been discussed anywhere I have seen.

I love these halftime ads from the coaches asking the fans to cheer respectfully. Good Sports Make Great Fans. Indeed!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Can You Trust a Guy with Two French First Names?

I hope the Cubs win the World Series soon, because the Las Vegas / San Antonio Marlins will have a great rotation in the next few years, compliments of the Cubs. Willis, and now Ricky Nolasco (14-3 in AA) and Reynal Pinto.

Maybe I will be wrong. Maybe.

Maybe Juan Pierre will make us forget Corey Patterson and Felix Pie. Maybe.



They couldn’t hit their 3 pointers when they packed it in on Marco, and missed layups like they did last year.

To go from up 11 to down 11 in the second half before losing is unconscionable. This is the type of thing that gets coaches fired.

No fire, no hustle, and no one but Killingsworth who played inside the arc. Come back Sean Kline, we miss you! Ben Allen is a 7 foot shooter, but a good one at that…

Monday, December 05, 2005

They say her name is Kelly Brook...

I Did Not Know That

I made the mistake of flipping over to the NASCAR Awards during the 3:00p NFL games, which was amusing in that they brought all these guys up in tuxes and made them give a speech like they had just won Oscars or something.

Anyway, turns out the fabulous Amanda Beard is dating/banging/etc. of the NASCAR boys. Kudos to him!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I did watch the game, albeit during our “trimming” of the Christmas tree. They did seem to have somewhat a hangover after the big Duke game, but they played well enough to win, which was good enough for me.

100 victories already for Coach Davis. Good for him. Really.

Marco fouled out, which should be of some concern, with DJ and Sean Kline out. Luckily, Ben Allen, who appears basketball mature beyond his years, stepped up.

Now, we gotta beat the Sycamores!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


After 4 hours of sleep, I go watch the IU game at FFx1. The Wife had told me that the first 5 minutes were bad, but not to worry. She didn’t watch past halftime (because?).

Anyway, they lost by 8, but considering the what-ifs:

If they weren’t so tight at the beginning…
If they weren’t so winded (seemingly) at the end…
If they could shoot free throws…

I think they can easily be the class of the Big 10, and the Kentucky game will be another good test. No one will forget Marco G. this year.

DMB and Andy's Towing

My day yesterday…

Go to Work: Chat about IU-Duke game, get 7.5 points, bet $1
Leave for Champaign with Guy in My Office with Whom I Share Many Interests
Traffic until I-57 sucks
Go to Willy’s Illini Inn for a couple pre-show beers
Assume the walk to Assembly Hall will be no problem

The show was great; real good seats (on the aisle like I like)

Set List (on at 8:20)
What Would You Say?
#41 (Everyday outro)
Grey Street
Seek Up
Stand Up
Hunger for the Great Light
When The World Ends
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Too Much
Jimi Thing
Smooth Rider
Crash (Into Me)

Christmas Song
Ants Marching
(done at 1040p)

We then make the trek back past the dorms to where the car was parked. Turns out it is not there. Huh. I look across the street and see Andy’s Towing’s number. I call and they have it. Now, I just need to get to the towing yard. At Market and Columbia. Wherever the fuck that is.

I know there are no cabs in Chambana, and remember being surprised to see one as we walked back from the show. Luckily, I see one on Fourth Street, and hail it. It goes by, crosses the intersection, and stops. We get in and tell the cabbie to go to Market and Columbia. Andy’s Towing.

He asks where that is. I said (always in an even tone) that I did not know and asked if it was his first day. No, his second. I call the towing guy back and he gets us there. Except when I see it and tell the cabbie (who spoke English), he ignores me. I shout “IT’S RIGHT THERE ON THE LEFT.” He turns left, and keeps going. STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW. This he understands. I get out and see my car in the fence.

The tower eventually comes, but marvels that his partner, some woman, refuses to let me in. I pay him his $115 cash, and am set free. Luckily, he tow episode only costs us (in time) 20-25 minutes. Getting that cab, as incompetent as he is, was key.

I then have to drive the ~120 miles to Chicago. I got a headache from concentrating so hard, and passing numerous trucks at 85mph.

I drop Guy in My Office with Whom I Share Many Interests at the parking garage downtown for his trip out to the western ‘burbs, stop at McD’s for 2 cheeseburgers (on sesame seed buns!) and go home.

I have TiVo’d the IU-Duke game, but am too wiped to watch. I do watch Pam Zekman’s bullshit on elevators.