Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday Night Baseball

So, the wife and I , after sitting through some of last Saturday’s 16-3 debacle (we left at 10-0 as it was cold and rainy), decided on the way out to see if there were some great seats available for Monday night’s game.

There were. Section 33, Row 8, on the aisle, like I like. We snapped them up, if you can snap up $54 tickets.

Sean Marshall pitched very well, and from our seats we could see the break of the curve and the effectiveness of the changeup. Plus it helps that the Pirates are bad. 7-20 bad. And, if the Cubs could have converted the bases loaded, no out situation, they would not have needed the heroics from Matt Murton in the eighth inning. He has really been clutch, which is good, because it seems no one else on the roster is.

Like I said, we had real good seats, on a line from the pitcher’s mound to first base. So, the first base umpire, Jim Reynolds, was nearby. In the ninth, with Craig “that was a fan, dude” Wilson at bat, there were two consecutive check swing calls, the first really looked like a swing. No swing was Reynolds’ call. The next pitch, not as clear a swing, but another appeal. No swing, Reynolds says.

The next pitch Wilson swings and fouls off. I yelled, “was that a swing, Reynolds?” He immediately turned, looked right at me, nodding and telling me yes. I think he enjoyed the moment as much as I, and the rest of the section, did.

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