Tuesday, May 23, 2006

He'd Rather be Seen with Mark McGwire

It breaks this Cub fan’s heart to know that two alleged Saint Louis icons are feuding. Still.It has to be Ozzie’s fault, because no one may ever question Tony LaRussa. I think LaRussa believes that Ozzie used performance enhancing drugs to do those obnoxious flips.

Let’s hope these two crazy kids can get together.

"When my time is up, they can welcome him with open arms, but I don't want to be anywhere that he is. I won't ever be around when he's around. Cardinals fans can embrace him all they want to, and it won't be uncomfortable because I won't be there." -- Tony La Russa

Bizarre that feels that way about Ozzie, when the quote would make more sense if he were tlking about Mark (Let's Not Live in the Past) McGwire.

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