Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can only assume it is out there somewhere.

John Junior Feinstein was quoted on Tony Kornheiser’s radio show recently that Indiana AD Greenspan “could always be counted on to do the wrong thing.”

Was this it?

Does Indiana really have a bigger sense of itself that is the reality?

Are the hicks that form “Hoosier Nation” (how I hate X-Nation names) damaging the university’s ability to bring in a Tom Crean, Mark Few, John Calipari, etc.?


Ted Kitchel, who completely washed out as a color guy on IU TV, was ridiculously harsh, saying that he was a bad coach and this was a bad choice. Must be a pal of Randy Wittman. He sure sounded real bitter and pathetic.

All told, I am keeping an open mind, though the NCAA violations (albeit minor stuff) and the graduation rate do not thrill me, the string of 20 win seasons does.

I love this picture because it is eerily similar to one that the late, departed Coach Davis is in.

I did have to check the bracket to see if Oklahoma was in the tournament, and yeah, there they were, getting bounced by Wisconsin-Milwaukee in what had to be my easiest pick in Vegas.

Also troubling is the fact that IU beat Coach Kel’s Oklahoma team in the 2002 Final Four decisively.

After the way the cutters got on Davis, I do wonder how long the New Guy's honeymoon will be...

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