Monday, April 03, 2006


I don't do impressions, but this is what I came up with after watching and listening today:

Matt Murton.

Neifi Perez looks just like Lenny Harris. I believe that is a bad comparison. Lenny Harris was really bad for the Cubs. The stats may not say it, but he was bad with the Cubs.

Zambrano got cold waiting out the Cubs’ first. He never recovered. I am not sweating it.

Adam Dunn is brutal in left field. Good Stuff.

The reason Todd Walker is starting at second is that he is not as interchangeable as the other bench guys. Dusty has already shown he will double-switch at every opportunity, and it looks genius when they all hit, but I can already envision him double switching a cold Neifi for a hot Cedeno and Murton out for .220 John Mabry.

Love that Mabry is wearing #17. I guess Gracey hasn’t made amends with the clubhouse guys. Not that they would ever retire his number. Put me down for a Mabry #17 jersey.

Those Reds’ fans that sat through the cold to see them stink it up are never coming back.

Brewers won today. Derrick Turnbow is an Adam Morrison wannabe. He will Danny Kolb soon enough.

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