Monday, March 27, 2006

Baseball Fever is a Crappy Website

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get bogged down in front of the computer with little to do but be quiet while my pregnant wife sleeps.

I sometimes like to go on various baseball message boards and converse, and occasionally argue. is just one such website. However, for reasons that escape me completely, I have been banned. I believe it is because I repeatedly have argued that Mark Grace is over-rated, and that seems to have peeved the losers that run things there.

I also have a pretty good idea that the guy that banned me is a retail sales manger in South Carolina, and has since checked this site with some regularity. He has never been to a Cubs game in Chicago, and I own season tickets. Could it be jealousy that has led to my banishment?

So, if that is you, lemme back in. If it isn’t, look at the lousy site, and ask why they ban people wanting to debate Cubs baseball.

And, Mark Grace IS overrated. 2000+ hits, sure, but no 100 RBI seasons, and he never made anyone around him better. Let them canonize him in Phoenix, where he is the most cliche-ridden announcer I have ever heard.

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