Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not Special Enough

Did anyone see One Tree Hill yesterday? It typically has the normal mix of Afterschool Special and 90210, but the oddest thing was the end of this Very Special Episode” with two stars talking about 800 numbers to be available after the episode, was the end.

I figured this would be the typical school shooting episode, with the perpipheral character introduced a few episodes earlier getting gacked, and then the show’s story arc would continue.

Instead, the show did proceed typically, until the final few frames. They used the school shooting to continue the brother’s blood feud between the guy from A River Runs Through It and (one of ) Shannon Doherty’s bad guy boyfriends on 90210.

I was all set to excuse the numerous huge continuity problems and impossibilities in the name of A Very Special Episode, but the shooting by one brother of the other in this context strains credulity.

Of course, I only watch to see the chicks, like Sophia Bush and Danneel Harris (or do you search under Daneel Harris?).

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