Monday, April 17, 2006

Because You, Dear Readers, Demand It

So, the beauty of One Tree Hill (actually TiVo) is that you can fast-forward right through the crappy storylines (i.e those involving non-fabulous babes).

The show continues to make Daneel Harris (or Danneel Harris, I can never remember) simply a piece of cheesecake, making her wash the car in a bikini. Not that I mind, of course, but it seemed exploitive, even for that show. Would they make Sophia Bush do it? I hardly think so.

So, again pussy Malph gets his poor feelings hurt by the fabulous babe that is way out of his league. He tells her off, and then hopes she is happy. Enough! It won’t work, pal, she will never fuck you. Believe me.

Of course, race car guy discovers that Rachel is 17, and immediately has a conscience, having thrown back Sophia earlier (right?). So, there she is, in her frilly underpants waiting for Race Car Driver to t’row one into her. He won't do it...poor girl.

Anyway, you are here to see a picture of her…I read how you get here…Thing is, there are very few available…so, we repeat…

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