Friday, April 28, 2006

Sophia Bush in Lingerie on TV?

This was the highlight of this week's One Tree Hill. Again, I find myself fast-forwarding through 90% of the episode, but found a couple of noteworthy things, but first the Danneel Harris (again, is it Daneel Harris?) update: She did very little, except punch (or forearm) a mirror, breaking, but not shattering it. She was upset over Race Car Driver. Luckily, a call (on her product-placed cell phone) from Malph made her more upset. This means we won't have to see her bang that twerp.

The plot was as contrived as always, which is fine. There is some plot involving the blonde and whether she is going to marry the dude from the HBO acting show that had Krista Allen. I don't follow it...

The hardass brother is going to re-marry the singer, and Sophia Bush decides to create a play with various other characters playing the two lovers at different parts of their courtship. Why? Because it is a wonderful, but highly contrived pot device. So, for whatver reason, Sophia plays the singer girl in the scene where they hook up, and that means a nice set of lingerie.

What I really noticed is that there are very few scenes with Sophia Bush and her ex-husband, but a lot of scenes with standins. He seems like a total idiot, and I would think it would be awkward to have to act with each other. Just as well, I guess.

I think this show is running its course, a la 90210, but I dont see The College Years in their future.

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