Monday, July 17, 2006

Rock Bottom (Again)

They were up 5-0 and had 2 on and one out. Todd Walker (remember that name), couldn't get any runs in. They then have a 5-2 lead in the 6th, when with one out, Todd Walker, cannot get the ball over to first in time. E-4.

So, instead of 2 outs and no one on…then a bloop single and another bleeder, so the bases are loaded and one out.

Two grand slams, and another Todd Walker error later later, eleven runs had scored. Then the classiest fans in baseball (the bleacher crowd) littered the outfield with Budweiser and Mai Tai cups.

Walker, who must have a TV in the dugout, because he was criticizing Bob Brenly for his analysis of Walker’s slow toss that turned Friday’s game, took the blame, though his soon-to-be-former teammate, Phil Nevin, defended him.

Fire them all: Baker, Hendry, and MacPhail. Top to bottom. Start over.

The Cubs can expect sellouts for 2 years, even with a 100 loss team. If the team shows a direction and the players show hustle. I get the feeling the Tribune doesn’t believe that, so we will continue to have free agent signings like Jacque Jones, extensions for Neifi and Rusch, and trades for Phil Nevin.

That said, can I interest you in some bleachers for tomorrow night? Low cost?! E-mail me and I will give you a deal.

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