Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Could be a Longer All Star Break for Some than Others

The fingers are starting to point, and that, dude, likely means the end of Dusty Baker in Chicago, man.

When told that Hendry would be evaluating the team over the All-Star break, Baker, as always, was completely unconcerned, saying, “You have to expect that, no matter what job you have. You expect that."

A-Ram would be well served to keep his mouth shut, though some of his comments may be accurate. Either way, this is the type of finger pointing that gets managers known for being good team builders fired.

Once one of the pitchers bitches about lack of hustle, then we will be getting somewhere.

Dusty apparently sees the problem, but cannot solve it. "They got two-out hits, and we didn't get any," manager Baker said. "Mark threw the ball better than he had all year to me. It was just those two-out hits."

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