Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Glasses Fall Off Clark Kent

Nothing like a little national publicity to jump start the hit-meter on one’s blog. Jeez!

A hearty welcome to Deadspin readers, keep coming back, because, as Bluto would say, "Don't cost nothin'."

As this blog was (until now) relatively fungible with other bloggering idiots, I only mentioned its existence to my brothers and a couple pals when the Serafini interview came up. I didn’t tell my wife either, and she didn’t know why I would be leery of telling her about this compendium of “useless musings.” She loves even my useless parts. I guess that is why she is my wife.

Now that this story got some play at the scene of the crime, I hope the prankees will take it as just that, a ruse, a canard, a shenanigan.

More interesting than last night's All-Star Game, though, right?

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