Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Proof This is the Slowest Day in Sports

It’s an interesting world we live in. People are taking sides as to the interview, and here, too, so I will simply make a few points:

* Nowhere in the blog do I say I am Dan Serafini. A cursory review should indicate that I ain't him. Only when asked for the interview (I did not seek it) did I start the prank. Check out the May 12, 2005 entry, and tell me that anyone would think I was him.

* Yes, the title of the post is a Lou Reed lyric, and if you click on the title, you will see I acknowledge that. The Clark Kent post title was stolen from my buddy in Cincinnati. Thanks, pal.

* This is not identity theft. Under any definition. I don't think I harmed him in any meaningful way. I would bet he doesn't even know about this, and if he did, would have a (c)huckle over it.

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