Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Writing about All Things Bloggish, as they say...

Ø Rich Hill deserves to be in the rotation next year. Since he was called back up, he has been good. Very good. Especially last Saturday, as he threw a shutout as his alma mater trounced the Irish last Saturday.

Ø Ryan Theriot deserves a shot at second next year, assuming lack of power is made up for in other places. Rozner quotes an e-mailer who suggests the Cubs go after Andruw Jones in center, which would allow Murton and Theriot to bat one and two in the lineup. The writer says that the Cubs would have to take Tim Hudson and his big contract as well, but that would just fill another spot in the rotation. Intriguing.

Ø Zambrano’s back must have gotten better fast. I always suspected that he wanted to take a few starts off, but then realized that he still had an outside chance at the Cy Young. Plus, he wanted to pump up his offensive numbers.

Ø A-Ram is playing like he wants Scott Rolen money, and he will likely get it somewhere, including here in Chicago. If he does go, though, he will need to be replaced, and A-Rod might be available. Despite the love for Scott Moore, ask Kevin Orie and Gary Scott about being a rookie third baseman for the Cubs.

Ø October 7 will be the biggest day in the Big Ten season, as that is when Indiana will play Illinois for the 11th spot in the conference. With Illinois losing at home to a team that had lost 12 in a row, and Indiana losing to a 1-AA school (albeit a good 1-AA team), it really will be the unstoppable force against the immovable object.

Ø Super Bowl, Super Bears!

Ø Just got an HDTV, and it is fantastic, especially for sports. Even the Cubs look good. Run right out and get one. Now!

Ø Love the null signs for bullet points, don’t you?

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