Thursday, September 07, 2006

Random Cub Thoughts as the Season Peters Out

> Carlos Zambrano had a bad start on Monday, and, realizing he would not win the Cy Young Award, chose to take himself out of the game, and likely for the season. I don’t really mind saving his arm, but it kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And this is coming from the biggest Zambrano fan you will ever find.

> Love the empty seats and no-shows at the ballpark lately. The best message is an announced crowd that is 8000-10,000 more than it looks like in the ballpark.

> Bad List: Freddie Bynum (both at second and at the plate), Juan Pierre getting caught stealing at third, Ryan Dempster, Michael Wuertz, Ronnie Cedeno brain-dead defense and baserunning, Dusty (obviously)

> Good List: Rich Hill (see you in ’07), Matt Murton (a young Ryne Sandberg who will also eventually hit for power) Joe Girardi, Scott Moore, Ron Santo killing Cedeno over his poor play.

> Apparently, this is not about Dusty Baker.

> Stacey Dash was in Playboy, and is very hot. You can see all of the pics here. No charge.

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Ben said...

This is off the subject from this post, but I appreciated your comment on Terry Hutchins' blog. I haven't paid much attention to recruiting ever since Andre Patterson, Charlie Miller, et al, failed to bring the 2 or 3 national championships promised by prognasticators. Besides, as you said the focus should be on football, since the Hoosiers will be only four wins from being bowl eligible after tomorrow.

I also am a Dan Serafini fan since he was the first former Wizard to play for the Cubbies, a club since joined by LaTroy, Matt Lawton and Super Jacques.

Like the site. Go Cubs! Go Hoosiers!