Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Saint Louis is Still a Sad, Pathetic Place

So, I checked into the Holiday Inn on the south side of Saint Louis, and because I am a member of the exclusive Priority Club, I was given a free drink ticket at the attached bar-staurant, which is part of a chain, I guess.

The place was empty, which I understand as it was the day after Labor Day. There was an older guy who looked like he was on the road like me, and he was watching the Cardinals' game.

I ordered my free drink, a Rum and Diet Coke with a lime, and I took a sip. It was a combination of flat pop and bad booze. The bartender, maybe 55, asked the guy down the bar if he had ever see the TV show, "House." He hadn't. Apparently, the season premiere was that day, and since her boyfriend had died the week before, she was now without a TiVo, and she couldn't run the VCR.

Yikes. Very sad, I thought, and, if asked, I would have told her to put "House" on. I may have been asked, but didn't stay in the bar long enough. I left half of my drink there, and returned to my room, where it was not so sad.

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