Wednesday, January 18, 2006

11-3 (3-1)

Holding Serve…

Marco Killingsworth decided to play defense, and do some rebounding, though he apparently had to use goonish tactics to do so. Now, I understand that the Big Ten is a tough conference, but to be called for an intentional foul indicates that he either is a complete goon, or he is sloppy. Either way, he needs to play hard and smart.

Robert Vaden seemed to force the issue way too much, and I appreciate that more than lack of hustle. For the fans to storm the court seemed weak, but beating the Illini is never something to take lightly.

So, after a real tough portion of the schedule, IU is a half game behind Wisconsin, and tied in the loss column.

Purdue, at Iowa, at Minnesota, and Northwestern. 4-0, or certainly 3-1 is what is required.

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