Sunday, January 08, 2006

10-2 (2-0)

Down 7-0 to start, then quickly down 17, this seemed like a game where they would scrap all game just to get close or tie, but having shot their load, they cannot muster enough to take the lead or hold it.


This is a deep team, and full of men who know why they are out there. To win. Regardless of how they start, how they shoot from long range early, or how soundly they are getting out rebounded.

Things to worry about: bad free throw shooting, Marco disappearing on defense and talking too much.

Thing to bitch about: missing the first ten minutes of the game because the Connecticut women are playing the Tennessee women on CBS. Title IX is a fine thing at the high school and maybe even college level, but that does not mean that anyone wants to watch it on TV. Sorry. DirecTV had the split CBS feed for the regional coverage, but kept the IU game blacked out here even when the games was not yet being shown here. I did get to watch the LSU-UCONN feed, but that was no consolation.

Oh, and did I mention that Illinois lost at Iowa? Too bad.

Indiana 2-0
Illinois 1-1

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