Monday, November 28, 2005

The Hottest...or, OK Boys, start wacking!

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The one on the left is an old picture, but it was the only decent one I could find until the one on the right. She is on One Tree Hill as Rachel, and she now has red hair. Her name is Danneel Harris. Nice name, huh? Sorry, I originally spelled it Daneel Harris.

Think a young Angie Everhart.

In the last episode, she was wearing an orange Izod, and looked unbelievable. She also did this cheerleading tryout thing, which showed off her assets. She plays a bad girl. Very bad.


Upon further review, I see she was on One Life to Live with another fav, Jamie Luner.

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Anonymous said...

Saw her for the first time on Maxim cover, easily the hottest of the three. The others are only cute by comparison.