Thursday, December 01, 2005

DMB and Andy's Towing

My day yesterday…

Go to Work: Chat about IU-Duke game, get 7.5 points, bet $1
Leave for Champaign with Guy in My Office with Whom I Share Many Interests
Traffic until I-57 sucks
Go to Willy’s Illini Inn for a couple pre-show beers
Assume the walk to Assembly Hall will be no problem

The show was great; real good seats (on the aisle like I like)

Set List (on at 8:20)
What Would You Say?
#41 (Everyday outro)
Grey Street
Seek Up
Stand Up
Hunger for the Great Light
When The World Ends
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Too Much
Jimi Thing
Smooth Rider
Crash (Into Me)

Christmas Song
Ants Marching
(done at 1040p)

We then make the trek back past the dorms to where the car was parked. Turns out it is not there. Huh. I look across the street and see Andy’s Towing’s number. I call and they have it. Now, I just need to get to the towing yard. At Market and Columbia. Wherever the fuck that is.

I know there are no cabs in Chambana, and remember being surprised to see one as we walked back from the show. Luckily, I see one on Fourth Street, and hail it. It goes by, crosses the intersection, and stops. We get in and tell the cabbie to go to Market and Columbia. Andy’s Towing.

He asks where that is. I said (always in an even tone) that I did not know and asked if it was his first day. No, his second. I call the towing guy back and he gets us there. Except when I see it and tell the cabbie (who spoke English), he ignores me. I shout “IT’S RIGHT THERE ON THE LEFT.” He turns left, and keeps going. STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW. This he understands. I get out and see my car in the fence.

The tower eventually comes, but marvels that his partner, some woman, refuses to let me in. I pay him his $115 cash, and am set free. Luckily, he tow episode only costs us (in time) 20-25 minutes. Getting that cab, as incompetent as he is, was key.

I then have to drive the ~120 miles to Chicago. I got a headache from concentrating so hard, and passing numerous trucks at 85mph.

I drop Guy in My Office with Whom I Share Many Interests at the parking garage downtown for his trip out to the western ‘burbs, stop at McD’s for 2 cheeseburgers (on sesame seed buns!) and go home.

I have TiVo’d the IU-Duke game, but am too wiped to watch. I do watch Pam Zekman’s bullshit on elevators.

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