Friday, November 18, 2005

Meet the New PussyChin, the ADD Poster Boy

Sure, he pitches every day and seems to be completely average, but meet your new Mike Remlinger.

And, he has a personal gameplan...if I can just remember where I found mind just wanders....

  • Focus on short-term goals. I focus on the here and now. I tackle only what I need to accomplish at that time, rather than thinking about everything I have to do for the day/week.
  • Get organized. I use a personal digital organizer to keep track of my schedule, appointments and errands.
  • Follow my doctor’s orders. My doctor recommends a treatment program that includes focus techniques and medication – and it works! I also take the medication my doctor prescribed for me at the same time every day.
  • Manage my symptoms consistently the whole day. Sticking with a treatment program that includes focus techniques and a medication that works for 12 hours is important for a better day at work on the ball field and at home with my wife and two boys.
  • Communicate. I don’t try to manage my ADHD alone. I rely on a team – my doctor, wife and teammates to help me manage my ADHD.

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