Thursday, May 12, 2005

Where was I?

It seemed like such a good idea to start this blog, I mean every body in the world is doing one, which I guess is the best argument against it.

As a buddy described a blog, “you mean, a waste of time.” Yes, I guess so. Better than working.

Instead of just keying on the Cubs and their awful record so far, I will just keep this as a virtual diary, and it may be interesting some day.

I am the only Cubs fan in the history of the world who owns an authentic Dan Serafini #33 jersey, so if you see me on the road, that’s me.

Here are his career stats:

What a shitty weather day today. I bought tickets to see Sammy Sosa’s return to Chicago on eBay, but only for a few bucks over face value. The guy who sold them to me bought them the week before. I guess if you sell enough tickets, it becomes profitable, but I don’t know. I recently found out that this is called arbitrage.

So, anyway, Sammy says he has a bad foot and is put on the DL. I guess the fact that he is playing for a first place team, but that he is not getting enough pub hurts both his feeling and his foot.

I never hated Sosa like some Cub fans and like all Sox fans, but I was never in love with him like everyone else was either.

They guy grew up selling oranges and never had a pot to piss in. Suddenly, he gets a pro contract, and sees that the there’s gold in them thar hills. Reason enough to get on the juice (allegedly) and win hearts, etc.

That’s the point, he was never about winning. In 1998, during the midst of the HR chase, I cared only about the Cubs getting a playoff spot. It was an exciting run even without Sosa’s HRs, and I was disappointed that the Cubs didn’t hardly show up against the Braves that year in the NLDS.

So, I am going to the game with some friends, and we’ll dodge the raindrops, eat $1 hot dogs, drink some beers and leave the game when we get really cold. If the Cubs were playing tonight, I would skip it altogether to watch them. It’s bad enough I will miss Survivor, but I have it TIVO’d, so I should be OK.

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