Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another e-mail exchange from the Queen City

From: Our man in Cincinnati
Subject: 7-th inning stretch

So, I was just perusing the article written by Paul Sullivan in the Trib regarding the 7-th inning stretch.,1,1985982.story?coll=cs-home-headlines
After Jeff Redneck’s rendition of the song and seeing the quote from Vin Scully, I cannot help but agree with Sullivan that something needs to be done (I mean, Jeff Gordon? I remember his stiff, intolerable act a decade ago back on Saturday Night Live – he can’t even play Jeff Gordon!!!)

Anyway, I had a board meeting in the middle of Ohio on Monday night and was able to catch Pat Hughes singing the stretch on ‘GN on my way home. The deal is done. Pat, Pat & Ron, or Ron should sing….period. When half the viewing audience of Chicago Cub fans are more than likely turning the audio down on the TV & listening to the radio, why not just let them do it. Scully’s quote of “singing it once for Harry and anything else would be singing for me” rings true in that they do it for the fans. It sure beats suffering through Ronnie trying to remember what movies Gary Sinise has been in.

Just my thoughts……how are things in your town?

I read that column on the train this AM, and totally agree. Good of the fans to boo him.

However, the tourists love it. Jim (the Funniest Living) Belushi got a standing ovation (!!!!!) when he threw out the first pitch the day he sang.

Read Paul Sullivan’s answers to emails. Always funny stuff. He used to work for Royko.


But then I read Rozner today and when he wasn't beating the drum for drug testing (yawn), he was right on about the stretch.

I still hate the C-Listers doing it (see Jaime Denton below) as much as the loud cheers when the “fans” throw back home run balls.

I think McDonough taught Grant DePorter or vice versa. All of Harry Caray’s Restaurant’s promotions, from foisting a former waiter who ended up on this season’s Twin Peaks on Chicago like he’s royalty, to the entire Bartman ball bullshit makes Chicago look like a hopelessly unsophisticated cowtown.

But a cowtown with a restaurant with bland enough food to please the tourists who must eat in between trips to Navy Pier and Wrigley Stadium, right? And don't for get the t-shirts!

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