Saturday, May 14, 2005

One More Biscuit For Breakfast...

So, we can all be happy that the Cubs have won 3 in a row and 4 out of 5, but we were only a few feet away from giving up a five run ninth and a game winning grand slam.

Kudos to Todd Wellemeyer, who earned the save on what can only be called a long out. However, as much as he seemed to be sweating, he got his one out in 3 pitches, while Mike Remlinger used 30 pitches (including 11 on a walk where he was ahead 0-2) to get two outs.

Mike may be a fine human being, but he does not appear to have the stuff anymore.

Which leads to the bigger question: Why did Dusty take out Mike Wuertz, who had a perfect inning on nine pitches? To keep him available for tomorrow and Sunday? I think he is confusing his bullpen pitchers, as he is one of the few down there who can pitch a few days in a row,and with two off days next week, what's the pressing need?

It seems Dusty uses his bullpen as if every game will only go nine innings, and that no one oitcher can go more than one inning. I am the first to say that we should just be happy, but when it is in spite of the manager, you gots to wonder.

That said (that he is a BAD in-game manager), there is something to be said for him when Derrek Lee goes to the lengths he does to defend him in the press.

Today, we have Big Z going against a guy just like him in Livan Hernandez.

Livan wears his war wound like a crown
He calls his child Jesus 'cause he likes the name
And he sends him to the finest school in town.

Livan, Livan likes his money
He makes a lot they say
Spend his days counting
In a garage by the motorway

He was born a pauper
To a pawn on a Christmas day
When the New York Times
Said God is dead and war's begun
Alvin Tostig has a son today

And he shall be Livan
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Livan
In tradition with the family plan
And he shall be Livan
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Livan.

Livan sells cartoon balloons in town
His family business thrives
Jesus blows up balloons all day
Sits on the porch swing watching them fly
And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
Leave Livan far behind
Take a balloon and go sailing,While Livan, Livan slowly dies.

And he shall be Livan
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Livan

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