Friday, January 11, 2008

The Always Classy Illini Fans

So, last night, while watching the latest Illinois loss (I was watching simply as an exercise in scouting), Erin Andrews reported that Illinois players were complaining that the wonderful Illinois student section, the "Orange Crush," (or is it Krush) was booing Chester Frazier, though Frazier is apparently injured.

I don't remember those wacky Dukie-wannabes booing Jamar Smith for leaving his teammate Brian Carwell for dead last February.

I guess when you lose to Miami of Ohio, Tennessee State, Ohio State and Penn State at home, huh?

Also, loved hearing Brent Musberger quoting Harry Caray's great "Can't be fun at the old ballpark, friends" line after telling Steve Lavin to stop "yapping" about the current BCS setup that the Big Ten favors while broadcasting a Big Ten game.

IU will beat these losers by 20 Sunday night.


Kevin S. said...

Who's that lady in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews

Kevin S. said...

I don't have cable TV. That's why I didn't know her.