Thursday, June 01, 2006

A New Deckchair on Team Titanic

I suppose he’s right about the deal coming too late, but I am still skeptical that Phil Nevin would have been the answer, even in a deal-for-deal’s-sake kinda way, but I do like Rozner’s line about the current manager of the team:

Even a token deal can sometimes breathe life into a team and wake up a manager, but as the troops waited for the cavalry, no reinforcements arrived. The Cubs took on the personality of their manager, whose body language and postgame comments signaled the season’s end, and the Cubs bottomed out at 13 games under. 500.

Of course, the pride of Naperville, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and his anemic hitting and general lack of everything but excuses will be missed. Can Neifi be next?

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