Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Close Enough

I love Carlos Zambrano. Always have. I like that he gets worked up about him pitching poorly or his team executing poorly. He cares. It isn't right to show your teammates up, but his hijinks are more a product of his own drive and passion than wantng to make others look bad.

He was brilliant last night, and his one-hit stuff through eight innings may not have been the most fun part of his night to watch.

His 3-2 3 run homer off of Tyler Buchholz was the culmination of a great at bat. He was fouling off all of his fastballs and then guessed right on what Brenly described as a "plus curveball." He plussed it onto the fence in right center, where it bounced harmlessly over the wall.

Zambrano looks so comfortable hitting and pitching at Enron that it makes you worry that he will end up there if the Cubs goof up and don't keep him.

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