Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One win away...and yet... he's gotta talk Cubs

Cubs' manager Dusty Baker isn't showing much hometown-love and that's got White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen upset.

Before the postseason began, Baker was asked by ESPN The Magazine who he would be rooting for in the playoffs.

"I got no one to root for," Baker said. "I sure as heck ain't rooting for the White Sox or Cardinals. But maybe Atlanta since they've won all those divisions but only one championship. The Angels just won it against me, so forget them. Anyway, fishing season starts in November. That's my time."

Guillen, who usually heaps praise on crosstown peer, was perplexed by the comments.
"Dusty, I don't like what he said," Guillen told the Chicago Sun-Times. "I thought we were friends."

"That's OK, we'll see [which team] owns the town now," Guillen told the paper.

My guess is that the Cubs will still own the town.

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