Monday, March 09, 2009

Dan Serafini leads Soccer County in Upset Baseball Victory over Hockey Country

Dan Serafini, last seen being banned for using steroids after stops in Japan and the 2007 Rockies expanded September roster, beat Team Canada for Team Italy. Using the loosest rules, the native of California started for Italy and went three innings for a team whose batting coach is Mike Piazza.

Couldn't be bothered to check Italy's roster, but I bet not too many spent any significant time in the country. They beat a pretty good Canadian lineup actually, and a team that played the U.S. real close.

I enjoy the World Baseball Classic, and would love to spend some quality time in a Caribbean ballpark in March 2013, when they do this again.

Knowing that my alter ego, or is it the other way around is still playing makes me really enjoy it. Another great thing, Lee Arthur Smith is the pitching coach for South Africa, who are on the verge of elimination by Mexico as I type.

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