Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Say No to Jim Edmonds

Is Lou Piniella really that frustrated with Felix Pie that he would push (or agree to) the signing of Jim Edmonds? He is batting a woeful .178 with 24 strikeouts in 90 AB. He is slugging .233 and is no longer the outfielder that Pie is. Yes, Pie has a higher percentage of strikeouts, but is hitting .233 and is slugging .286, and is the far superior outfielder.

If, as it appears, the team insists on signing Mr. Fake Hustle, give him 2 weeks, tops, to show he is better than the younger Pie.
I guess this is when you give Piniella the benefit of the doubt, but...

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Kevin S. said...

Edmonds is OK with me. In Larry Dierker's book, Dierker says that Edmonds is a hell of a fielder. Dierker should know about that.

If Edmonds starts hitting fifth or higher, then we know that the Cubs are in trouble.