Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sean Marshall's Wife Redefines "TV Personality"

The Cubs were on WGN today, and as background noise, it was just fine. Len and Bob had a whole bunch of guests saying the same things they have said in the papers the past week, until Alexis Marshall, wife of Cub lefty (and Brian Roberts trade bait) Sean Marshall. She was flogging some food drive at Spring Training in Mesa. I suppose they were counting on the Superstation to reach the Arizona fans.

Anyway, they are newlyweds. Brenly asked if she knew "what she was getting herself into" by marrying a "major league pitcher." She wondered if he knew what he was getting by being with a "television personality." A whaaat, I thought? Never heard of her.
After a modicum of research, I found she is Alexis of Ron, Rick and Alexis on the Fox affiliate in Phoenix' morning show. Television personality? I suppose. She does not cop to the identity of her husband, but does refer to her dog, "Cubby."

What I found really compelling was her blog. She talks about everything, yet nothing at all. She reminded me of Suzanne Stone.
On American Idol: Melinda Doolittle was on set with us this morning! ...she was also such a sweetheart! She said that she’s been SUPER busy since American Idol, but loves her schedule and all the cool things she gets to do.
On Chicago (and coming to the Cubs Convention): I am going to Chicago this weekend and boy is it going to be so cold there. The high on Saturday is supposed to be 9 degrees. BRRRRR! Even though I would choose warm weather over cold weather any day, I am looking forward to a nice chilly weekend. Once in a while it’s fun to bundle up in your warmest sweater and drink hot chocolate. The good news is, I’m only going for a weekend, so if I can’t handle the Chicago weather…I’ll be back to sunny, mild Arizona on Monday.


Anonymous said...

The guys over at linked to your post about Ms. Marshall. Good catch!

Kevin S. said...

On my Yahoo! fantasy baseball team, I have:
Ted Lilly
Kerry Wood
Carlos Marmol
Bob Howry

I just dropped Ryan Dempster, who was a relief pitcher for me last year and, potentially, a fifth starter for me this year. No one in my league has picked up Dempster yet, so if, for some reason, he gets in the Cubs' rotation and does some damage, I should be able to pick him up.

I had Jason Marquis for about half of the season last year, but I dropped him when his performance dropped after the All-Star Break.

I picked up Wood, Marmol, and Howry, expecting that at least one of them will be the closer and at least one of them will be a solid middle-reliever/second closer. What do you think? Which one of the three will get the closer job? I don't expect Marmol to have anywhere near as good of a year as he did last year, but who knows?

Also, for good ex-Cubs' and future-Cubs' measure, I have Joe Borowski and Brian Roberts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This information is false and inaccurate. Sean is married to Sarah Marshall and they have a son named Brody together.

Anonymous said...

This article is not false. He was married to Alexis. They divorced and he married Sarah and had a son....all within a very, very, very short time frame.