Friday, October 19, 2007

Dan Serafini to Get Good Look at World Series

Dan didn't get a shot to pitch after that night in Philadelphia, but he has had a great look at one of the great stretch runs and playoff runs in baseball history. The Colorado Rockies have simply torn it up, and are now waiting (cooling their heels would be redundant in Colorado) until the Indians decide whether to choke away the series to the Red Sox.

So, even though Dan won't be eliglble (unless they change the roster) to pitch, he will be in the dugout and/or bullpen, with the proverbial "front seat to history."


Kevin S. said...

Please, please, Lord: May the Rockies win this World Series and the Yankees Light be sent away in shame.

Kevin S. said...

A guy named "Erik Sabel" that I played on a middle school team with back in '86 or '87 got his ring in 2001 with the Diamondbacks, even though he wasn't on the roster (just like Serafini). I saw him come flying out of the dugout with his uniform on (!) just after Arizona won that series. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Brooks19 said...

What performance enhancers was Dan Serafini on?