Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He is So Taguchi

Yeah, the Cubs lost, but...

Ned Yost and Prince Fielder showed that they are inferior to Tony LaRussa and Albert Pujols tonight when they first lost a round of beanball, and then got beat by the pathetic Cardinals.

Fielder got beaned, then Yost got tossed when the Brewers hit Pujols, leading to a 4 run inning, going from 4-2 to 7-2, featuring a big double by good ol' Number 99.

Either way, the magic number is 3. Same result as if both teams won. A push. Really.

But, yeah, let's win tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kevin S. said...

This week...

1. The Marlins are much better than us.

2. The Brewers are just slightly better than us.