Thursday, August 23, 2007

Before we sweep the Giants...

I am referring to Paul Sullivan's entry here.

More interesting Barrett stats:

Cubs with Barrett: 32-37 (.464). Cubs after Barrett: 32-24 (.571).
The Padres before Barrett: 41-28 (.594). The Padres with Barrett: 25-30 (.455).
The Padres with Barrett starting: 8-17 (.320). Padres all season with anyone else starting: 58-40 (.592).

Hopefully meaningless Koyie Hill stats:

From June 3-July 16, when the Cubs were 26-12 and the best team in baseball: With Hill catching 13-4, Barrett 5-5, Geovany Soto 2-0 and Rob Bowen 6-3.
Since Jason Kendall arrived: 4-3 with Hill, 12-14 with Kendall.
Going into the week, Kendall's catcher's ERA was near 5.00, while Hill's was 3.02, though Kendall's was a terrific 3.38 with Oakland this season.
Just one more: Carlos Zambrano's OPS against was .523 with Hill, .801 with Kendall and .965 with Barrett.
(from Rozner today)

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Kevin S. said...

Michael Barrett would raise the ERA of the Bad News Bears if he were to catch for them.