Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Interesting Michael Barrett Stats

From today's Rozner column:

Carlos Zambrano in 2007 with Barrett catching him: 2-4, 7.52 ERA, 1.893 WHIP. With anyone else: 12-3, 1.97 ERA, 0.985 WHIP.

Jake Peavy in 2007 with Barrett catching him: 0-4, 4.88 ERA, 1.542 WHIP. With anyone else: 10-1, 1.89 ERA, 1.00 WHIP.

Cubs are 23-11 since they traded Barrett. The Padres are 15-19 since they got him.

This does not include his bitchfest which led to a one game suspension.


Kevin S. said...

Don't say that I didn't tell you so:

"Zambrano is your Cy Young-type performer and it seems that Barrett has been bringing down Zambrano's performance. Look for Zambrano to have a Cy Young-type post-All Star break without Barrett behind the plate."

Kevin S. said...

If not for his horrible W-L record, Zambrano deserved the Cy Young last year.

Kevin S. said...


Comeback player of the year?

This season is getting exciting.