Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Addition by Subtraction

Michael Barrett is gone. To the left is Big Z helping Barrett get his luggage to the airport.

The Cubs traded the reptilian free agent-to be catcher for a poor hitting backup catcher and a former first round pick outfielder who is currently hitting .211 for the Fort Wayne Wizards.

A great trade.

We here have been waiting for this day for a while, and Sox fans won't have him to kick around anymore...

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Kevin S. said...

The Barrett incidents that have made it to the press probably skim the surface of all the problems that Barrett likely has been causing in the clubhouse. I wonder if the pitching staff all got together and went to Piniella and/or management, re: Barrett.

Consideration #1: You have to keep Zambrano content.

Zambrano is your Cy Young-type performer and it seems that Barrett has been bringing down Zambrano's performance. Look for Zambrano to have a Cy Young-type post-All Star break without Barrett behind the plate.

Barrett is a below average fielding catcher and an above average hitting catcher. It's addition by subtraction...or something like that.