Friday, May 04, 2007

Sweet Story, huh Tony?

Tony LaRussa is a jerk, and a bad guy. He had to have known that his beloved Josh Hancock was drunk when he plowed into the back of a tow truck, but threatened anyone that “want[s] to turn this into . . . some kind of story that's not all sweet” with a fungo bat. Better for the recently DUI'ed to threaten anyone who wants to learn the truth than take the time to bemoan drinking and driving. What a man.

Turns out, he was legally drunk, had a full pipe of pot in the truck, and was talking on the phone when he crashed his truck. Now I have no objection to doing any of those things, but not while speeding down the Interstate driving. Hancock went from mop-up pitcher to being mopped up off the highway.

It was really incredible that the initial reports were that there were no containers of alcohol found in his car, so the inference was that this was a “sweet, horrible” accident.

I always root against the Cardinals, but now I really do.

Good to know I am not alone on this.

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Kevin S. said...

"Jerk" is the only word that I can think of whenever I heard the name "Tony LaRussa" or whenever I see his face.