Monday, July 18, 2005

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm......

So, during my single days, possibly during the Summer of Greg, I was set up by my old boss, whose wife knew of a young lady that was looking to meet a nice young man. We went out, I think, twice, once to a Cubs game, and once for a couple beers. It didn’t go poorly, but neither one of us felt anything. I do think she thinks she broke my heart.

I remember feeling good when she told me it wasn’t going to work. I could then take up with this other girl I had met. No future there either, but I digress.

So, as I was having breakfast at, natch, The Breakfast Club, in walks this girl and a classmate from the Academy. Dave Turner.

Good for both of them.

Who cares? No one, but it’s a blog, and I can put any worthless crap I want, right?

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